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Welcome to the Tallahassee 100 Club, the first established business club in Tallahassee!

 In the Tallahassee 100 Club, each member represents a trade, business, occupation or profession and is classified according to their main activity or profession. No member may be in competition with the main activity or profession of another member.

Tallahassee 100 Club featured in Tallahassee Magazine!

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The Tallahassee 100 Club meets at

the Elks Lodge on the second and fourth

Mondays of the month. The second

Monday is a 12:00 luncheon,

and the fourth Monday is a 6:30

dinner meeting.

 Guidelines for Membership


It is the purpose of the Tallahassee “100” Club to form an association of business and professional persons in the Tallahassee and Leon County area, who will aid and counsel one another with business and professional problems; create and encourage business: and promote and further the mutual interest and welfare of its members as follows:

     1.   Provide a means of disseminating business information of value to its members.

     2.   To be a strictly non-political organization, and to promote and foster the spirit of fellowship amongst its members and a better               understanding of the services the members can and do render.

     3.   To aid and assist individually and as a group in solving and discussing business problems and other needs.

     4.   To foster camaraderie, trust and knowledge amongst members through regular face to face association at business and social               gatherings.

June 9, 2023

Tallahassee 100 Club Members & Guests

Please join us for a great time at Goodwood Museum & Gardens

 1600 Miccosukee Rd  -  The party begins at 5:00

 There will be cocktails, appetizers, and a delicious seafood dinner!



Guest Speaker  5/22/23

Marina Lickson was our guest speaker

Marina Lickson serves as the Tallahassee programs manager for the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship (JMI), which is part of the College of Business at Florida State University. Prior to working at JMI, she owned her own business in the Tallahassee area for 15 years and worked in positions where she planned events and administered programs and outreach for the State of Florida. Lickson also is a graduate of JMI’s Tallahassee SBEP Program.


Guest Speaker  4/17/23

Gregg Patterson was our guest speaker

Gregg Patterson has over 40 years’ experience serving as CFO, COO and CEO in multiple industries. His current company provides advisory services to over 60 business entities which vary in size from start-ups to existing companies with revenues of over $200M.  He is a serial entrepreneur and has participated in startup retail, insurance, financial and professional services organizations.


Guest Speaker  3/27/23

Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell was our guest speaker

Chief Revell has been with the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) for 32 years, earning two Medals of Bravery (2007 and 1997) and two Meritorious Service Awards (2008 and 1996). Chief Revell aims to strengthen TPD for the betterment of every Tallahassee resident.

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