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Tallahassee 100 Club



It is the purpose of the Tallahassee 100 Club to form an association of persons engaged in business and professions in the Tallahassee and Leon County area, who will aid and counsel one another with business and professional problems; create and encourage business; and promote and further the mutual interest and welfare of its members as follows:


                    (a)      Provide a means of disseminating business information of value to its members.


(b)      To be a strictly non-political organization, and to promote and foster the spirit of fellowship amongst its members and a better understanding of the services the members can and do render.


                    (c)      To aid and assist individually and as a group in solving and discussing business

                                problems and other needs.


(d)      To foster camaraderie, trust, and knowledge amongst members through regular face to face association at business and social gatherings.



The frame work of the By-Laws is well drafted.  It defines certain key positions, lays out the rules that our founders felt were most important, allows the Board to delegate certain tasks and to make decisions not restricted by the By-Laws. 


It is the duty of the Board to follow the framework of the By-Laws and to ensure the general membership is properly represented and protected by these By-Laws.  We, as elected Board members, have been entrusted by the general membership to ensure that the rules of membership and other organization responsibilities are upheld.

President - Responsibilities

  • The President shall be executive and administrative officer of the association and shall preside at all meetings of the association and its Board when present and shall perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may prescribe.


  • Shall conduct all 100 Club business in accordance with the By-Laws adopted at that time


  • Shall prepare a written agenda for each Board Meeting in a consistent format


  • Shall assign tasks to Board members and monitor progress for achieving those task assignments


  • Shall develop a calendar of activities, duties, tasks for the term in office


  • Shall enforce the By-laws

Lunch Agenda

Tallahassee 100 Club

Lunch Meeting




Cell phones




Pledge of Allegiance




Bouquets – quickly please



            Current Board Members

Club Business & Past Year in Review before opening up to the floor

Treasurer’s report

  • Dues amount didn’t go up – we anticipate a lean year without any sacrificing of fun

  • Payment is due by February 28, otherwise, privileges will be suspended.

            Programs report

  • Who’s upcoming? – Jerry Osteryoung, Rob McGarrah, Walt McNeil, Chris Curry

            Social Committee report

  • Planning on minimum of three social gatherings, would like input

            Website report

  • John Kraft (point person) in coordination with Patty Sponholtz is a win, win

  • User friendly upgrades, calendar events, membership directory, photographs

            Membership report

  • 2016 Membership count - start - 56/end – 57


Questions, other business

Banquet was a success – thanks to Harry/Doug for pulling this off

Survey comments – 13 responders – less than 25% response rate

The Board wants your input

  • Types of speakers, social events, dues, venue – now open to the floor


Closing statements

Valentines Day

Next BOD meeting on Monday – I’ll be sending an update

Turn phones back on


Adjourn – Tallahassee 100 Club means business

Dinner Agenda

Tallahassee 100 Club

Dinner Meeting




(Bring paper weight gift)



            Devlin out      

Cell phones




Pledge of Allegiance



            Treasurer’s report

            Programs report

            Social Committee report

            Website report

            Membership report


Introduction of member guests


Any other specific Club business

            No bouquets tonight


Introduce speaker

            Fire Chief of Tallahassee

Jerome Gaines


Thank the Chief & present gift


Questions, other business


Closing statements

Turn phones back on


Adjourn – Tallahassee 100 Club means business

Board Of Directors Agenda

Tallahassee 100 Club

Board of Directors meeting

July 18, 2016




  1. Call to Order


  1. Secretary’s Report

    1. Approval of previous meeting’s minutes

    2. General Membership attendance

    3. Board attendance


  1. Treasurer’s report

    1. Review budget and cash flow

    2. Status of delinquent annual fees?

    3. Has Al Simpler paid?


  1. Membership report

    1. Vetting spreadsheet has been updated to include ordering name tag

    2. Are we targeting any specific classification?  Review rough template.  Assign committee members.


  1. Programs report

    1. Review template for Programs report

    2. Where are hockey puck paper weights for gift to Dinner speakers?


  1. Social Parties report

    1. Sid Cooper pool party    

    2. Pumphrey fall party


  1. Website report

    1. Review calendar of events

      1. Decide what needs to go on website calendar

    2. Protocol of whom contacts Website Diner


  1. Old business


  1. Other new business

    1. Review 2005 Survey for comments

      1. Consider comments from Madigan’s party


  1. Adjournment

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